October, 2023

Syntax 2023 is coming, 25th and 26th of November 2023. Make sure you register online so we know you're coming.

Join the Syntax Discord and hang out with everyone before/during/after the party.

September, 2020

Register now for Syntax 2020 - Syntaxyeahnaa!!

Syntaxyeahnaa is a streaming event this year happening 28/11/2020, register at syntaxparty.org for the latest details, where to stream, etc.

February, 2020

Flashback 2020!

We were going to be there...

Thanks COVID-19! See you at Flashback next year!

October, 2019

Syntax Party 2019!

It's reeeeeaal soon now. You should go.

November, 2016

Syntax Party 2016 tomorrow!

June, 2015

Flashback 2015 happened last weekend. It rocked!

Massive thanks to Defame for the best party in aages (well, since Syntax!)

Come to Syntax 2015! November 13th syntaxparty.org

November, 2012

Syntax 2012 is on next weekend! See you there!

... deja vu, anyone? I should really add crap here more often.

By the way, major renovations await this site. But I've already said too much...

November, 2011

Syntax 2011 is on this weekend! See you there!

June, 2011

Wow. Flashback was awesome! Ten tons of awesome! Well done to the Defame guys on their first party... we'll be back for sure.

May, 2011

Someone went and changed the Flashback Party URL. Tsk, tsk. Well we're linking properly now ;)

Our main prod for the party is progressing pretty well, just seems like there's not much time left before the party!

November, 2010

Looks like we know where we'll be next 11th/12th/13th of June. Flashback Party!

....and Syntax Party was a success. Awesome time had by all, especially the alarm system ;) (Thanks Spoony!)

September, 2010

Keep your eye out for Syntax 2010, coming to a Melbourne near you.

March, 2010

Beachparty, beachparty, beachparty. Did I mention beachparty?

November, 2009

Syntax Party absoluteley ruled!!!1 If you missed out, I highly recommend coming next year!

September, 2009

cTrix made the soundtrack for a quality ADF demo called "Smugglers On Acid" - check it out here!

Syntax Party is fast approaching! Be there!

August, 2009

The Syntax Party invitation demo has been released at Evoke! Grab it here, check it on pouet, or watch on youtube ... also a live footage version. Thanks to the people who capped and put on youtube!

May, 2009

The word on the street is that Syntax Party 2009 is in the works.

February, 2009

beachparty. 'nuff said.

November, 2008

Syntax Party absolutely rocked! If you didn't go, make sure you do next year.

At Syntax, our demo helped launch System Of Sound, a tracking/demo/etc group for oldskool computers based in Melbourne.


Syntax Party 2008 is on in 3 days!

Get your arse to Melbourne

September, 2008

The future of the .au xmas compo is uncertain at this point.

What exactly will happen next is not set in stone yet, but here's the reasoning:

With Syntax Party now happening in November, there's not going to be a productive void in Australia at this time of year any more.

I have doubts that most local sceners will have the time to make productions for two competitions in close succession.

Syntax Party doesn't allow remote entries like the .au xmas compo does. However, Beach Party 08 did allow remote contributions and was a great success, even though the number of productions was quite low.

Perhaps the best way forward for the Australian demoscene is to put the .au xmas competition to rest, and use the time and resources that went into it for making Beach Party a bigger and better demoscene event.

Stay tuned.

June, 2008


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What a bunch of retards.

April, 2008

ript would like to tell you:

I'm back. Breakpoint rocked. Was good to see everyone again after so many years!

Life is starting to get into shape at home (not so many possessions in boxes any more!) ... I may even get some internet there and start some of those projects I've been talking about.:wq

February, 2008

BEACH PARTY 2008 was a great success... Big thanks to all the organisers - Anakirob, cTrix, not forgetting the super duper equipment fellows duncbot and ehendrikd!


No doubt there will be some kind of production blackout here for the next 6 weeks ... never fear, we'll be back.

January, 2008


(goodness, what a busy month this is)


The .au xmas compo results are in!


Ever had a letter from "The Domain Registry of America"?

I have, but didn't do anything with it. Well, I got angry.

(null) got one today, and decided that he'd spend 50 cents printing out his response and sending it back via snail mail:

letter image

I wonder if they'll put it on a notice board somewhere.

Also, don't forget to vote in the .au xmas compo!

December, 2007

.au xmas compo invitation released! Get it here!

Don't forget to check out the compo site.

October, 2007

The .au xmas compo 2007 site is up and running. Join the fun.

Site still undergoing overhaul. Will have useful information here one day soon.

August, 2007

You don't care about this piece of news.

In fact, you probably can't tell that this site is halfway though a major overhaul.

More overhauling to come.

July, 2007

Back from Syntax Party ... Congrats to cTrix and gaiaSword for putting together an awesome party! You better be there next time!

We've brought the prods page a little more up to date (making screenshots is so annoying I hadn't done it for a while). Stay tuned for the Syntax contributions which will be up soon.

January, 2007

Hooray for the upcoming Australian demo parties!

Nullarbor 2007 (Perth)

Syntax 2007 (Melbourne)


Timbaland is a grimey thieving fuckstick. All there is to know, courtesy of PWP.

November, 2006

Something is going on.

Announcing the .au xmas compo 2006!

November, 2004

we haven't forgotten the .au xmas compo 2004 ... it's on again!

September, 2004

we are getting exceptionally drunk on saturday... are you?

July, 2004

an update of sorts =)

ript's knee
ript's knee

steve's foot
steve's foot

that might explain something, but then again, it might not.

February, 2004

added a graphics, renders and anims section.

our xmas demo will be added to the demos page soon (still trying to sort out why it crashes on some machines)


still alive - will be updating this site soon, since it needs it.

ript, floopyb and steve are now housemates in the new disasterarea laboratory! housewarming v2.0 was last saturday... it rocked, of course.

if you didn't come then you missed out =P

thanks to all those who entered the xmas compo in december, you rule.

October, 2003

The .au xmas competition is on again! Update! we just finished making an invtro as well, leech it here...


ript's laptop works again, so he added the little green frog to the prods page, and updated the audio page, as well.

September, 2003

null hates java, but he's still trying to code in it when he doesn't have to. ript's laptop broke & he still doesn't have a place to live or internet.

we're thinking about the second annual xmas demo compo already, and changing a lot of the rules from last time .........

July, 2003

A message from ript in helsinki:

I updated the site a little bit and renewed the domain (oops! it went down for a while =/)

I have access to cable in the flat i'm staying in (thanks baris!), so anyone who hasn't gotten any emails for a while will probably get one soon ... well, after the weekend, since i'm going away for it ;)

March, 2003

We've finished a 4k intro for breakpoint03...

it's nothing special, but now that we're warmed up, something good is bound to happen in the 64k or demo department.


John Howard, the Prime Minister of Australia, is a complete and utter fuckwit.

We've known this for years, mind you, but now it's really obvious.

February, 2003

we did a port. "Within Minutes" by mfx, now within windows.

get it here!


ript got bored and changed the site layout a little bit... the prods page was too image heavy - now it isn't.

January, 2003

sh0ck made a 0x7a69.au site where you will be able to catch up on shplorb, sh0ck & ript's european shenanigans this year.

ript might post stuff here too, but he might not.


The xmas compo is over, details here.

Sometime, 2002

this webshite is still being made. it will always be in this state, so whatever.

if you wish to download some SHIJT you can get demos/intros and music. (animations and graphics will be up one day)